Astrobiology (Tessa's focus)

Entomology (Charles's focus)

Episode 59: Dead Dinosaurs, Cockroach Sperm, and Monkey Testicles – A Science Sampler Platter for the New Year

In this episode, the two of us share several different interesting topics we’ve read about recently, including the timing of the meteor that killed the dinosaurs, the first fossil cockroach found with its sperm, the use of ultrasound as contraception for mammals, extremely dangerous theoretical rockets, and unethical animal experimentation in the American mid-twentieth-century. Warning for animal abuse (or at least dubiously ethical animal experimentation). 

This Is Secretly a Podcast About Star Trek

Screencap from TNG episode 'The Neutral Zone' showing two people in frozen capsules.

Episode 55: “The Neutral Zone” (TNG 1×26) and the Past and Future of Cryonics

In this episode we use the TNG episode “The Neutral Zone,” in which three people from the 20th century are revived from cryopreservation to find themselves on the Enterprise 300 years later, to talk about cryonics. We touch on its history, whether it actually works (no), whether it could work (probably not), whether we’d do it (no way), and, just for fun, a little on the history and philosophy of death as a concept.