• Photo of a female seahorse depositing eggs into a male seahorse's pouch.

    Episode 52: Father’s Day Special – Seahorses and Male Pregnancy

    In this special holiday episode, we talked about Syngnathidae (the family of ray-finned fishes including pipefish, seahorses, and sea dragons), particularly Hippocampus spp. (seahorses) and their unusual reproductive strategy of male pregnancy. We talk about the physiology of seahorses’ pregnancy, with tangents about the complexity of biological sex and reproductive strategies, other fish, evolution, and philosophy of biology. 

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  • Episode 51: Robin Aguilar on Genetics

    Our new episode is available from our Podcast host here: Episode 51 We’re also listed on: Apple Podcasts Stitcher Google Podcasts

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  • A still of Marilyn Monroe from the "Diamond's Are a Girl's Best Friend" performance, holding an illustration of a nitrogen vacancy center in each outstretched hand.

    Episode 50: Lyra Cronin on Quantum Physics and When to Become a Robot

    This week we’re joined by quantum physics student Lyra Cronin. We talk about the meaning of quantum physics, Lyra’s work with nitrogen vacancy centers in diamonds, the possibilities of quantum computing, and when to become (and die as) a robot. 

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  • Still from Our Flag Means Death showing a close-up on a pink and yellow moth resting on a finger.

    Episode 49: The Science of “Our Flag Means Death”

    Like most gay people, we have now watched the HBO series Our Flag Means Death (full season 1 available now!). Unlike most gay people, Charles is a PhD candidate in history and philosophy of biology. In this episode, we touch on several topics in history of science touched on in the show: Linnaean taxonomy and binomial nomenclature, phrenology, and scurvy (caused by humans’ inability to synthesize our own Vitamin C, setting us apart from most vertebrates). 

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  • The "two muscular arms grasping each other" meme against a background of space. On one arm is "astronomy/astrobiology" and on the other is "taxonomy/systematics."

    Episode 48: Lucianne Walkowicz on Space – Who Does It Belong To? How Gay Is It?

    In this episode we’re joined by science superstar (pun intended) Lucianne Walkowicz to talk about their research, who space belongs to (including whether it can “belong” to anyone), and how gay space is. Charles also defends leeches (they probably won’t give you diseases!), the animal, but not leeches, metaphor for the capitalist class. 

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