A worker at NASA inspects part of the James Webb Space Telescope.

Episode 34: Back to Space! with Teal

We chat with astrophysicist Teal about the James Webb Space Telescope, their research on space, what makes an atmosphere, and whether there’s any controversy to what makes an atmosphere, among other topics. There’s also another long rumination on death, which isn’t even because we’re living through a pandemic, we’re just Like That.

Illustration of Planaria from Thomas Hunt Morgan's Regeneration

Episode 30: Fayth tan on Regeneration and Queer Identity

For our first Pride Month episode, we’re joined by biologist Fayth Tan, whose work focuses on regeneration. We talk about what the heck regeneration really is, why we see it in some organisms and not others, the lies told to us by pop culture, and our most beautiful “is it gay if it’s in space?” yet.

Four images of one fly, Xanthacrona bipustulata, showing its head, habitus, thorax, and scutellum.

Episode 28: Y’all Heard of the Picture-Winged Flies (Ulidiidae)?

This week’s episode is an exploration of the modest but fascinating family Ulidiidae, the “picture-winged flies.” Tangents include fly phylogenies (fly-logeny), sperm and the distribution thereof, and whether there’s any truly correct way to pronounce scientific names. 

Photo from an excavation site at the ancient city Çatalhöyük,

Episode 27: Annalee Newitz on “Lost Cities” and the Nature of Self

This week we are ecstatic to share our conversation with Annalee Newitz, author of fiction (Autonomous, Future of Another Timeline) and nonfiction (most recently Four Lost Cities: A Secret History of the Urban Age) and podcaster (Our Opinions are Correct, which they host with Charlie Jane Anders).


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